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Barra Snorkel Safari - See beautiful Barra from a whole new perspective!
 The Isle of Barra in the Western Isles of Scotland is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places in the UK.  With its white sandy beaches, clear blue waters and stunning scenery it is a choice holiday destination. 

Barra has a diverse range of marine habitats and sea life which is seldom explored. To add to your activities on Barra we can take you on a guided tour swimming through these habitats. 
Snorkeller receiving instructionA shore snorkel session lasts for 90 minutes and they are lead by experienced guides.  We will supply you with everything that you need to go into the water.  Your session begins with a safety briefing so that everyone can feel confident prior to going into the sea.  We will then demonstrate how to put on and use the equipment we have provided for you. After that you will receive a site briefing which will tell you what you can expect to see during your session. We then take you to the sea where you can begin your guided tour.  We would expect to be in the water for around 30-40 minutes.
Please look at our "Who can Snorkel with us page" to get an idea of who we cater to!

We look forward to seeing you!

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